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YUP, we know this page still is being worked on ........(we're trying to figure the easiest way to put things ON SALE now & then without as many adjustments as required by the our software program right now)

Note to self: Split out Long sleeve VS Short sleeve on Blouses, Blazers & Dresses.  Add the Tunic Vests & size 3X.  Also copy format for BIScrafts when those pages & products are ready for prime time.

BIScuts Order Form

Jot down the item numbers for the products you wish to order while you we shopping our catalog. Then print and fill out all fields of the form and snail mail it with payment.  This form will NOT automatically calculate shipping and handling. You must first email with list of items you are ordering so we can then tell you how much to fill in on that line.


  1. Use your Browser's Print function to print a copy of the Order Form
  2. Include a check for the full amount listed and mail it and the Order form to:

    BIScuts Handlerwear
    6065 Highton St SW
    Navarre, OH 44662


  3. Or FAX your order - phone or email us first so we can plug in the fax machine.  Thanks to the waste produced by too much junk mail faxes and telemarketers, we are forced to keep the fax unplugged unless we need to use it.
  4. Or you may call in your Order  to 1-330-833-8833. If answering machine picks up (which it usually does), leave a message ! That we when we call you back it will be on our nickel  :>) You will nearly always get the machine because we are busy with the dogs or SEWING
  5. You can also print a Blank Order Form , fill it in and snail mail it to us.
Ship To:
Day Phone
Evening Phone
Zip/Postal Code
Breed(s) you show, if any
Destination United States Canada
Shipping U.S. Postal UPS Second Day Air


The following is a list of our current catalog products.

Please indicate Item Style, fabric, and sizes below:  (we do not request a quantity because only one of each is available)


SizeGarment Code and Name Fabric Choice 1Fabric Choice 2Price
 XL                     SKL   Long Skirt  0001  Stardust0010 Fuschia Dots$55.00
       above first line as example only   
 #122 Extra Pocket Liners
 VE Vest   
 SKL Mid-calf Length Skirt   
 SPS Split Skirt Knee Length   
 SPL Split Skirt Below Knee Length   
 DR Dress   
  Lace-neck Shirt L-Sleeve Sm-Md - DISCONTINUED 
 Lace-neck Shirt S-Sleeve Sm-Md - DISCONTINUED 
 Lace-neck Loose Fit L-Sleeve Med-Lg DISCONTINUED 
 Lace-neck Loose Fit S-Sleeve Med-Lg - DISCONTINUED 
  Lace-neck Full Size L-Sleeve XL-XX - DISCONTINUED 
  Lace-neck Full Size S-Sleeve XL-XX - DISCONTINUED 
  Turtleneck - DISCONTINUED 
 JP Jumper   
 BZ or BZs  Blazer or w/Short Sleeves   
 BO Bolero   
 STS Straight Skirt   
 BL   Long Sleeve Over-Blouse   
 Hair Ties (Scrunchies)   
 Hair Scrunchy Combs   

 Type in the blanks, then just print & mail with payment.  Or print the blank & hand write in the info.

NOTE to self=Webmaster - this form needs finished!  Put above celled garment codes as a helpful "legend" down here.  And, need to make spaces for customer to fill in cc info or check blocks that mo/or personal check included/attached to this order sheet. Oh, also need to create blocks/calculator to deal with shipping expenses & sales tax (if any)  Also adjust all prices so cost is same for customer whether they purchase at a show site OR from the internet


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 this registration  and  violate Trademark law.

show clothes Best In Show

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